Saturday, 19 March 2011

Silk Painting with 13 year old school girls - 40 of them!

This week I returned to a local private girls School, not to play them at Lacrosse and lose, as was customary, back in the day! No, this was the Play of Light and SamiArt Paisley Silk Painting day. 40 girls, loads of silk and gutta and plenty of creative energy flowing based on their theme of Indian / Paisley designs. Their work was inspirational, they (and we) learnt a whole load and worked collaboratively before creating their own personal pieces to take home
It was hard to hear them ask to go to the loo and be told they should have gone in their break, that was the morning session. By the afternoon session, even the Art Teacher had relaxed into the natural flow of bodily functions, granting permissions left, right and center! Better an empty bladder than pee pee pants :-) I suppose it helped that I was quite vocal in asking girls who had finished to please volunteer to top up paints, fill up water bottles, empty dirty water they were being sent out of the room on little missions by me and coming's only fair they can pee too!
We were offered a school dinner - what NO CUSTARD!!!! Shocking! However, as we were about to plonk ourselves down with the girls, we were, of course, beckoned to the staff dining room and duly followed. I am so not used to this separation...hey ho!

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