Sunday, 30 October 2011

Bismillah Birds

Leading a silk painting workshop last week for around 30 Muslim ladies and some of their children at the ' Pastimes' Seniors club just down the road from me was a treat as I've been so busy with other stuff (more on that later) that silk painting has become a few and far between occurrence for me. . Mostly they worked on Bismillah Birds (see pic) and Allah Muhammad's but there were a few who chose henna designs and mandalas. One lady just painted straight onto canvas which worked so well I'm going to be giving it a go. Another lady painted a beautiful rose..she said the last time she had a paintbrush in her hand was 27 years ago.

The last event I ran was with Muslims funnily enough at a Sufi centre in Feltham. A crazy fun day of creativity with 3 -4 ladies providing artistic workshops for children of all ages. It was a happily haphazard affair that produced lovely end results.

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