Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Not Back to School Time

The kids in the neighbourhood start back at school this week - so many sighs of relief are being breathed. Sometimes I wonder if things would be like that for us if the kids went to school. Nah, I enjoy them being around.
Today's day went like this - woke up late, light brekkie, exercise regime started, hubby goes out to get all the food for my no carb meals this week. Kids begin their home ed day after a late brekkie and are still at it. They've covered photography, arabic, english grammar, italian, IT and now the eldest is on facebook - limited periods only. Wee man has enjoyed drawing rabbits with ninja masks on them. Their work has spanned the day interspersed with lunch, play, go-go's and now it's wee-man's go on the computer. Though quite frankly, the sun is shining and I'd rather be outside
Tomorrow is Pony Day - kids lessons have turned into a family group lesson every Saturday - last week I was attempting a canter. I have cantered and galloped before though not intentionally. Was riding several years ago and the mare that bolted up the field at full gallop was the fastest experience I've had on horseback. I was enjoying the power until the hedge loomed on the brow of the hill and I thought - no, I'm not prepared for that, could end badly for me! Dismounting a horse while yanking her head hard round to the right is a daft but sensible experience and comical for the viewer to behold. In this case the viewer was my mate the farmer on his tractor in the field over the hedge. Boy did he laugh.
Challenges I face this September - mosaic workshop for cancer care centre in Purley, have never done mosaic myself so looking forward to that. ALso the age limit has risen this month as most of the groups are age 35 and up. Need to improve my website and that's been looming like the hedge but I need to jump it this time.

As ever, love life, life loves you

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