Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Love's Not Wrong

Major break from creative projects - launching an Arts Festival and running a project for the same arts festival with various elements to it kinda stretched me to the max. Home educating has to fit into that somewhere too - luckily, the arts project was something the kids were fully involved with - hey, we made a music video, wrote a song, performed live on stage, made Light Boxes, put up exhibitions, took down exhibitions, put them up again! Raising the profile of home education through creativity - hooray!
Husband has reclaimed some time from work and is making music regularly again - ahhh, inspiring, we have fun with it, the kids get involved if they want, mostly laughing at mummy's occasional wobbly vocals! Good to laugh! The latest song was written by our eldest and sung by me - though he has a superb singing voice, he's not yet feeling like adding it to the recording. Hey ho!
Did a Silk Suncatcher Birthday Party on Saturday for a 7 year old and friends - fun was had! For me, best part was that the mum, her best mate and 2 much older daughters joined in and made their own suncatchers too - so much more in depth and very rewarding, they all surprised themselves. I keep saying it, creativity is not just for kids!
Had a reshuffle of the living room / office and of the kids bedroom - energy flowing better now decluttering has taken place. Highly recommend a clear out if you want to boost your energy levels - a home detox.
Beating husband at tennis - well, swings and roundabouts really. A set here and a set there and we're pretty well matched though I'm the better player when I keep a lid on the old thoughts and play with right attitude.
Love Life, Life Loves You