Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mexican Eye using up wool and
wooden coffee stirrers
There is a lot of change taking place. Since my previous post about all the things I do some of them have become all the things I don't :-) Liberating!! And borne out of necessity...So what's not on the to do list...the biggy, Vice Chair of SHP is for now a fond memory.

The other item is the Sutton Community Art Space which I no longer co-ordinate. A natural conclusion came about in November and after 2 years of bringing Arts and Health to Sutton High Street the Art Space is nestled in my memory bank next to SHP but is also adorning my I have finally retrieved paintings I made in the Art Space and hung them around our home.

That's not the only thing...having the peace of mind has led to a resurgence of creativity. Been busy making gifts, planning gifts, silk painting, card making, bauble making and decorating the house for Christmas. It's goooood to be back in the swing of things. Ahhhhh....

....& here's a groovy toon to be in the swing of things ...made in my husband's studio - aka being propped up in bed to stay out of the way of 9 kids and 3 mums who were busy planning a wedding gift. That would be the mum's doing the planning while the kids played. So Paolo, my husband, made this Drum & Bass track which has a little twist of the 70's thrown in. Click this Soundcloud link to hear this and Paolo's other creations...a generous variety of sounds & a few with my vocals on them...all available to license. Contact me if you're interested.

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